LiveWholefoods Organic Activated Pistachios 120g

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Live Wholefoods Organic, nutrient packed, activated Pistachio Nuts are Australian Certified Organic. Activated in Australian Sea Salt, and Kombucha to add probiotics, they are then dehydrated at a low temperature for a crunchy, moreish texture.

Process and Benefits of consuming activated nuts: Raw Nuts naturally contain chemicals called Enzyme Inhibitors. These inhibitors affect the body’s ability to break down and utilise the vitamins and minerals in the nuts and seeds. By soaking them overnight in filtered and salted water, this causes these inhibitors such as phytic acid, to be broken down, thus making them more digestible and releasing the vitamins and minerals for absorption. They are then dehydrated at a low temperature (around 65 degrees Celsius), for 12 to 24 hours giving them a crisp, crunchy texture.

Ingredients: Australian Pistachios, Green Tea Kombucha, Raw Australian Sea Salt, filtered water


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