Healthybake Oat Sourdough Cob 650g

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Made in a gourmet sourdough cob Healthybake’s Oat Sourdough Bread is 100% oat. Produced using oat flour and oat bran. This bread is an ideal alternative for people that have wheat sensitivity. Oat bread has a lovely light taste that has a distinctive but mild flavour. It has a more open texture than Healthybake’s other breads, making it ideal for open sandwiches with delicate toppings. Oat bread is beautiful toasted for breakfast or made into croutons for soup or salads. The sourdough culture gives the bread a long shelf life, aids in digestion and gives it that unique sourdough taste, but don’t forget it’s “healthy”.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Oat Flour, Certified Organic Oat Bran, Filtered Water, Olive Oil, Gluten, Sea Salt, Sourdough Culture (Contains Acidophilus & Bifidus).


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