Geo Organics Vegetable Hot Pot 400g

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A tasty combination of vegetables and lentils in a rich gravy for a quick but hearty meal.

Ingredients: Vegetables (55%) (in varying quantities, potatoes*, carrots*, lentils*, celery*, green peas*, onion*), water, sunflower oil*, tomato puree*, rice flour*, bouillon* (rice flour*, sea salt, yeast
extract (with maltodextrin*), onions*, carrots*, sunflower oil*, turmeric*, parsnips*, mushrooms* (white mushrooms*, shitake mushrooms*), parsley*, concentrated vegetable juices* (carrot*, onion*), lovage root*, garlic*, fennel seeds*, onion powder*, sea salt, black pepper*. * organically produced. Product of the UK. Certified organic by the Soil Association (UK).


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