Bon Ami Powder Cleanser 400g

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A household name since 1886, Bon Ami is still a mineral based, gentle and effective cleanser that everyone knows and loves. It is particularly suitable for those with chemical sensitivities.

A perfect mild abrasive cleanser for many surfaces including non-decorative hard surfaces, pots & pans (excluding non-stick cookware), cooktops and countertops, microwaves and grills as well as sinks, showers and tile. It can be used on toilets as well (just not inside the tank). Types of materials it can be used on include stainless steel, porcelain, enamel, fiberglass and acrylic or anywhere that needs a good clean. Removes grease, splatters, baked on food such as lasagne or sticky sauces. A truly versatile cleaning product that can be used in every room of the house. Can even be used to safely clean fibreglass, spot clean marks off walls and stubborn stains on garage floors. Do not use for windows, mirrors or glass surfaces.

  • Mineral and plant based derived ingredients

  • Fragrance Free

Containing only mineral ingredients including limestone, feldspar and baking soda, this formula is biodegradable and comes in recyclable packaging. Contains no chlorine, perfumes or dyes.


Limestone, Feldspar; Surfactant (from coconut & corn oil); Soda Ash and Baking Soda


Sprinkle of area to be cleaned, add water and rub

– Unscented / fragrance free


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