Kehoe’s Basil Cashew Cheese 250g

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Instead of fermenting milk to make cream cheese, Kehoe’s Kitchen ferment cashews using the same traditional fermentation process.

This means that their range of probiotic, wholefood Cashew ‘Cheese” dips/spreads taste like real dairy cheese without using any flavours, colours, thickeners, starch, preservatives or gums.

Fermentation creates lactic acid (and lots of probiotics), so the dips are naturally acidic and will keep for months in the fridge even after opening.

The Basil Cashew Cheese is flavoured with real ingredients; organic basil, organic garlic, organic onion, organic turmeric and natural sea salt, giving it a delicious “basil/pesto” cheese flavour.

INGREDIENTS: Cashews*, filtered water, basil*, onion*, sea salt, garlic*, turmeric*, culture. *Denotes organic ingredient. 

Serving suggestions:

  • Use as a dairy free spread on anything in place of butter/margarine/cream cheese/pesto

  • Spread on toast or sushi and top with sliced Avocado & dill kraut

  • Serve as a dip with veggie sticks, bread, crackers or chips

  • Dollop on top of pizza, roast potatoes, cooked meats

  • Stir through fresh cooked pasta for a creamy pesto sauce

  • Dilute with a tiny amount of water to use as a salad dressing


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