Foley’s Kimchi 500g

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Built with extra kick, Foley’s Frothing kim-chi is hapkido on the taste buds…
Traditionally Korean, just like the age-old martial art, Kim-chi is a dish usually constructed from fish paste, chilli and Chinese cabbage. A Super Food in itself, Foley’s Frothing Kim-chi is made with vitamin rich vegetables – cabbage, kale, carrot and Wakame seaweed and disease fighting spices – ginger, cayenne pepper and Himalayan pink salt. Naturally rich in vitamins A, C B1, B2, calcium and iron, the fermenting process involved in making Kim-chi means that every mouthful will help your gut digest food faster giving it more time to process and distribute the nutritional benefits of your meal. Foley’s Frothing Kim-chi is handcrafted, raw, vegan and naturally fermented giving you a spicy ferment with a kick which you can add to heavy meals to optimise digestion, toss through salads for an added tasty tang or throw into a sandwich for an extra boost of fiery flavour.


Organic cabbages, onions, carrots, organic cayenne pepper, organic ginger, West Australian salt, Tasmanian sun dried wakame, organic kale.


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