Meru Sweet Red Edo Miso 350g

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Sweet Red Miso or Edo Miso in Japanese, is a short fermented miso style that is mildly sweet and savoury with a balanced depth of flavour. This style of miso is very hard to find as it is made by only three miso makers on the world.

The style originates in the 1600’s at the commencement of the Edo period in Japan and ceased being made in Japan during World War II. Due to ongoing rationing of rice after the war, this style was largely forgotten. Meru Miso are honoured to be producing this rare style of miso and are pleased to offer it as a fresh, unpasteurised and naturally fermented example of traditional Japanese miso.

Ingredients: White Rice, Soy Beans, Salt, Koji Starter (Aspergillus Oryzae)


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