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One Size All In One Multi Fit NO Cover Required
Breathable – no more nappy rash
Durable Long Lasting
No pins/plastic covers
PUL waterproof outer layer
One Size, newborn to toddler 3-18 kg
Comfortable elastic around legs
Soft Bamboo lining & insert
Quick & Easy
Wear day & night
Slim fitting
Cream / Off White Colour
Cloth Nappy’s outshell is eco friendly waterproof; laminated polyester
      and inner layer is soft bamboo.
Insert is made up of 4 layers: first layer is 2 x soft bamboo and second layers are 2 x high absorbing microfiber.
* Includes : 1 x bamboo nappy & 1 x bamboo reusable insert
All of the LuvMe Bamboo Cloth Nappies come with a reusable bamboo insert that has 4 layers for better absorbency.


Tip – wash 2-3 times before using to get better absorbency


Flush the soiled liner.
Rinse any liners and place in a dry nappy bucket.
Rinse the nappy and place in nappy bucket.
Wash within 2 days.
Soaking is not recommended. Soaking agents can damage the waterproof coating.
Do not wash in hot water as this can damage the waterproof coating.
However soaking of the bamboo inserts would be okay in napisan but not bleach.
Machine rinse before washing in cold water using ½ strength detergent on a full load.
Line drying is best. The sun’s UV rays kill bacteria and fade stains. Best of all – it’s FREE.
Use Low heat when tumble drying.

Deep Cleaning
Do a full cold wash cycle with no detergents.
Next mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid into a sink full of hot tap water.
Cheap dishwashing detergent without moisturizers or conditioners are the best.
Gently massage the detergent into the inner lining of each nappy.
Do another full cold wash cycle with no detergents.
A deep clean every couple of months will maintain absorbency.


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