Harmony’s Ear Candles 4-Pack

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Handcrafted Vegan Ear Candles with Organic Cotton – Unscented.

Harmony’s Ear Candles are vegan friendly, handcrafted and eco-sustainable, made using premium high-quality food-grade wax and 100% certified organic muslin cotton. Double wrapped for a longer burn, they also feature a unique patented Safety Tip and a ‘Safe Burn line’, making Ear Candling a breeze! 

  • Unscented

  • Vegan

  • Handcrafted

  • Fairtrade

  • Eco-sustainable

  • Patented safety tip and ‘Stop Burn Line’

  • Double wrapped for a longer burn

The Benefits of Ear Candling.

Ear Candling has been used by naturopaths and therapists for decades. When used, the ear canal is slowly and gently filled with warm air that helps to soften earwax. The heat enhances blood flow within the ear canal, promoting relaxation and an amazing feeling of well-being.

As the warm rises, it creates a vacuum at the base of the candle (like a chimney) that draws out waste and moisture from the ear canal.

Organic Muslin Cloth and Food-Grade Wax.


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