Dirty Thirty Cosmetics Ionic Aura 100mL

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Sweet by scent. Supercharged by nature.
Utilising the nanoparticles of Silver Ion Technology, your skin is simultaneously protected from microbes and germs all whilst being hydrated by the natural power of hyaluronic acid.

Prep & Protect 

It’s perfect compact size makes it a feature of any handbag, makeup kit and of course non negotiable when it comes to travelling.



Mist onto clean skin morning and night prior to applying any moisturiser, serums or toners.

When on the go or travelling you can spray this little mist around you, protecting your space and aura. ✨

Please keep this product out of direct sunlight. ☀️



Silver Ions, Hyaluronic Acid, Oxygen & Plant 🌱 Derived Musk Scent 

  • antimicrobial

  • hydration 

  • anti pollution 

  • vegan friendly 

  • cruelty free 

  • formulated in Australia. 


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