Pawsome Hemp Nectar 100mL

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Hemp Nectar is an amazing source of Omega 3, 6 and 9. It is full of Chlorophyll and will help to keep your pet happy and healthy.

It contains all 20 known amino acids and all the essential fatty acids to help promote good health. It can help everything from the digestive system, to the joint health, to the cardiovascular health; as well as relieving skin disorders. The gamma-linolenic acid from omega 6 and the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant may even inhibit the growth of certain tumours.

The Nectar is created through a special processing of cold-pressed hemp seeds.

Hemp Nectar has a higher content of nutrients and chlorophyll than normal hemp seed oil.

It may help promote a healthy immune system and heart, joint and cardiovascular health.

Hemp oil is much safer to use than fish oil. Hemp oil is cold-pressed, which makes it less likely to become rancid. A rancid oil can cause inflammation and it is usually inflammation we are trying to fight in the first place.

Hemp Nectar.

Garuanteed Analysis: Protein 13%, Fat 76%


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