Noosa Basics Sea Spray 200mL

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Noosa Basics Sea Spray for Wavy, Beach Style Hair.

Noosa Basic’s Sea Spray is one of our favourite products at Flora & Fauna. Completely natural, toxin free and gives your hair volume, shine lift and hold so you look like you’ve been at the beach all day. Perfect to be used as a natural hairspray or give your skin a boost with natural salts and organ oil.

The smell takes you to the beach and reminds you of holiday; perfect to be used all year.

Noosa Basics Sea Spray….

100% Natural with only 7 ingredients
Vegan and certified cruelty-free
Hand made in Australia in small batches
Free of alcohol, silicone, parabens and phthalates

Ingredients: Water, Magnesium Sulfate, Sea Minerals Complex, Argan Oil*, Algae Extract*, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Coconut Flavour*

* Certified Organic


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