My Magic Mud Peppermint Toothpaste 113g

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My Magic Mud Natural, Vegan, Charcoal Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth in Peppermint, a fresh mint flavour, available online at Earth Wholefoods. 

If you loved My Magic Mud Powder you are going to love this! All of the benefits of charcoal in a handy natural toothpaste and yes it’s black. 

My Magic Mud Mud powder needs a toothpaste to work with it and you need something to clean your teeth every day so My Magic Mud have come up with the first toothpaste which combines bentonite clay and activated coconut shell charcoal, is made with 95% certified organic ingredients and is fluoride-free. Convenient, delicious, easy to use every day, and, of course, dentist approved.

  1. No foaming agent

  2. No Triclosan

  3. Fluoride Free

  4. Cruelty Free

  5. Vegan

  6. Gluten Free

  7. Glycerine Free

  8. No GMO’s 

For best results, use in combination with My Magic Mud Detoxifying & Whitening Toothpowder for a very deep, dentist chair like cleaning. This toothpaste is not meant to replace the toothpowder, it’s meant to be used as a complete system. 


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