Cusi Pancake Mix – Green Banana 200g

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Gaining popularity as a healthy flour alternative green banana is known for its high dietary fibre, essential vitamins and minerals like zinc and magnesium, and for being naturally gluten and grain free. Green bananas are rich in prebiotic resistant starch which has numerous health benefits for the gut and digestive system, enhancing mineral absorption and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Combined with the natural sweetness of yellow banana this mix not only ticks all of the nutritional boxes, it tastes great too!

Green Banana Flour* (68%), Banana Powder* (28%), Cream of Tartar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Vanilla Flavour*. *Organic

Dietary Features
Dairy Free; Lactose-Free; Paleo; Vegan; Yeast-Free; Egg-Free; Wheat-Free; Rice-Free; Gluten-Free; Corn-Free; No Added Sugar; Soy-Free; Preservative-Free; Nut-Free.


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