Ceres Organic Burger Mix 160g

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Ceres Organics Lentil and Black Sesame Burger Mix makes burgers easy! All you need to do is add water to mix, allow to thicken, form patties and fry in the pan! The mix is packed with nutritious ingredients. It’s totally plant based and certified organic, made with real wholefoods. Try as a classic burger inside a bun or cook on the BBQ!


Red Lentils* 28%, Oats*, Polenta*, Chickpea Flour*, Sunflower Seeds*, Sesame Seeds Hulled*, Black Sesame* 6%, Herb Salt (Sea Salt, Carrot*, Celery*, Leek*, Parsley*, Celery Leaves*, Thyme*, Basil*, Lovage*, Dill*, Savoury*), Psyllium*, Garlic Powder*, Onion Powder* (*Certified Organic).


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