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Bob’s Red Mill Double Acting Baking Powder is a leavener used for baking. It releases carbon dioxide when exposed to moisture and heat, causing dough and batter to rise. It is gluten free and contains no added aluminum. Unlike many other baking powder brands that utilize sodium aluminum phosphate or sodium aluminum sulfate as the acid ingredient, our baking powder substitutes monocalcium phosphate and sodium acid pyrophosphate to create a superior double-acting baking powder without the metallic aftertaste. This natural baking powder is produced in a gluten free facility and batch tested to ensure its purity. Bob’s baking powder is perishable and should be kept cool and dry.

This vegan baking powder is perfect for quick breads, biscuits, scones, waffles, pancakes, cakes and cookies. Use this chemical leavener for all your non-yeast baking. It makes consistently excellent baked goods every time.

Ingredients: Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch and monocalcium phosphate


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