Black Chicken Oral Swishing Oil 115mL

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Oral swishing (or coconut oil pulling) has been proven to draw out oil-soluble toxins from your body, acting as a natural mouthwash to neutralise harmful bacteria and restore balance in the mouth and gut, which is great news for your teeth and skin.

  • Whitens teeth

  • Our blend is formulated to have a pleasant taste and texture

  • Helps remove plaque, bacteria and freshens breath

  • Essential oils chosen for their anti viral and anti fungal properties

  • Skincare starts on the inside. Oil pulling with our formula of organic virgin coconut oil blended with essential and other healing oils, can help provide a healthier mouth and clearer skin by drawing out toxins and expelling bad bacteria from your mouth that would otherwise travel down into your body and contribute to your toxic load. This toxicity then shows up rather unattractively in your skin, teeth and breath

    This blend of natural, organic, essential oils are chosen for their anti viral and anti fungal properties which help to reduce toxins in your mouth and gut leaving you with whiter teeth, fresher breath and brighter skin, 

    Made in Australia.
    Vegan, cruelty free, with no added water or fillers.

    115ml / 3.89fl. oz


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